Oh bring us a figgy pudding!

What a fabulous workshop week (Dec 19th – Dec 22nd) we had in the lead up to Christmas with A Pudding for the Chimney Sweep by Kane and Kane.

Everyone had an absolute blast working on this very Victorian story and the show on Friday afternoon was really something special.  At times our audience didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (eg: Jim’s tragic ‘run in’ with the machines at Mortimer’s Mill, in which Harry gave such a committed performance that little Ava in the audience was distraught thinking the unspeakable had happened to her beloved brother!)

Congratulations to all our highly spirited and talented cast for your tremendous efforts!

Thank you to Ali and Spiderweb Musicals for such a dramatic, heartwarming Christmas story. It was a wonderful show to end 2017 on.

Our stellar cast was as follows:

Jim- Harry
Mrs Perkins- Madeline
Lizzie- Liv
Jack- Lorna
Bob- Nico
Elsie- Iris
Kitty- Carmen
Maggie ‘Mittens’- Nina
Molly- Rosa
George- Freddy
Ned- Karl
William- Rowan
Mr Mortimer- Hayley
Mrs Mortimer- Emelia
Charlotte Mortimer- Teddy
Edward Mortimer- Lucia
Grace Mortimer- Izabel
Eleanor Mortimer-Clara
Alice Mortimer- Nell
Beatrice Mortimer- Lily Ji
Factory worker Anne- Ramona
Anne’s daughter Katie- Juno
Mrs Widdop- Heather
Gradshaw- Stephen
Stage/Properties Managers- Mila and Baxter