The Stinky Feet Gang

Howdy pardners!

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Rocking the Tree by Rebecca Elder

All our Christmasses came at once when Rebecca said she was keen to write our pre-Christmas play this year....

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Dangerous Dolls- the Battle for Santy’s Toyshop

Karl? Yes, Wendy?

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The Chair

Once upon a time there was a chair...

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Detective Mimms and the Snaffler

These boots are made for walking!

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Robin Hood: Naught in Nottingham

Robin Hood like you've never seen HER before.....

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The Nose That Ran Away From Its Face

What happens when a nose cuts loose to spite its face?

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Lest We Forget

With Anzac Day falling in the middle of our workshop week it was only fitting that our play this holiday honour and remember not only the New Zealand soldiers but all New Zealand…

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The Struggles

Kendra Thomas’s award winning play is about Megan, a young person coping with the learning challenges associated with dyslexia and ADD. She encounters the personification of her…

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Pandora’s Box

There’s trouble on Mount Olympus when the Gods realise that Prometheus (Arabella) has stolen Fire. Zeus (Connor) is determined to get revenge on the mortals, who seem to be having…

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Out Of This World

When a spaceship lands on an unknown planet, the Captain and her oddball crew soon find themselves at the mercy of the ruthless Geekoids. Can they escape, free the friendly…

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Save our Story (S.O.S)

The Narrators have just had some results back from a recent survey and it's not looking good...

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Character Building

To help bring our scripted characters to life, we spent an afternoon developing our characters through hot-seating; taking turns in character to interview and be interviewed in…

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A Pudding For The Chimney Sweep

Everyone had an absolute blast working on this very Victorian story and the show on Friday afternoon was really something special.  At times our audience didn't know whether to…

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Set in Halloween Town, Pumpkin King Jack Skellington stumbles through a portal to Christmas Town and decides to celebrate the holiday, with some dastardly and comical…

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There’s still room at the inn

We're gearing up for three tremendously fun holiday programmes once school's out and there are now just a few spaces left for our pre-Christmas workshop. Hurry over to the the…

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Showman Sam & Notable Nikita

These two comrades have been in both the morning and afternoon classes together and have performed in countless shows together. Now, about to make their final curtain call…

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In the limelight

All who have joined us for a Standouts holiday programme will no doubt know the fabulous talent that is Rebecca Elder. Over the past 6 years Rebecca has given us many memorable…

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Welcome to the new website

It only took me nearly a decade to realise we should move with the times and get a proper website up and running. When that penny finally dropped, it took one incredibly…

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