Holiday Workshop Jan 9th -12th 2018           

Save our Story (S.O.S) by Rebecca Elder


The Narrators have just had some results back from a recent survey and it’s not looking good: the stories they’ve been telling haven’t been received too well by the public. Numbers are down. The internet has taken over…

Boss Narrator 2: What do you mean? Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, they’re classics! Everyone loves a good bedtime story!

Boss Narrator 1: Those stories, and even the newer ones- they’re getting old I’m afraid. The
storytelling business is a tricky one. It’s dog eat dog out there. You know that.

Boss Narrator 2: Storytelling is timeless! Sure, books and movies may come along acting like they know all that, but it doesn’t compare to live storytelling in the flesh! Narration is an art!

Boss Narrator 1: It’s getting old. Even the characters themselves have started to avoid work.

Boss Narrator 2: Surely they can’t just stop being characters, right? Characters come when they’re needed, then they go away again. That’s how it works. They can’t just bunk off.

Boss Narrator 1: Oh yes they can. The Three Bears have begun traveling the world, Rapunzel
has become a hair stylist. Pinocchio, a politician. And ever since Goldilocks discovered instagram… well… she’s lost to the world.

Boss Narrator 2: To be fair, the photos of her porridge look delicious.

Boss Narrator 1:I know. But the public are wanting something less traditional, less staged…

And that is exactly what our resident playwright Rebecca Elder presented us with!

We had a fabulously fun week putting the play together, accompanying it with a soundtrack of iconic Queen. Congratulations to our multi- talented cast and thank you Rebecca for your sensational story!


Boss Narrators: Connor & Arabella H
Narrator 1: Stephen
Narrator 2: Hugh
Narrator 3: Anushke
Narrator 4: Rebecca
Narrator 5: Izabel
Narrator 6: Lara S
Knight: Harry
Squire/Dragon: Lara H
Professor/Wizard: Bree
Assistant/Egorina: Stella
Princess: Maggie
Lady in waiting: Juno
Marigold: Maisie
Marigold’s dog Joe: Ava
Queen/Evil Scientist: Arabella H
King: Connor
Masked Jousting Opponents: Stella & Maisie