By Rebecca Elder

Standouts Christmas Workshop 2018


All our Christmasses came at once when Rebecca said she was keen to write our pre-Christmas play this year and ‘Rocking the Tree’ was the best gift ever!

Gemma: What was your inspiration for R.T.T?

Rebecca: I wanted to try a Christmas play, and then the idea for ornaments on a Christmas tree just kinda happened.

Gemma: How on earth did you come up with the idea of the shouting Candy Canes?!

Rebecca: The candy canes were part of an idea I had about Christmas food. Since I had talking ornaments, fairy lights, and presents, it seemed only right to have food. I wanted to play around with this idea of talking food, because surely the food would know it would eventually be eaten, right? So I thought of some different ideas of how food would feel about this, and then I thought it would be really fun to have some really nihilistic, almost cult-like food that had a derangedly positive view on being eaten. And thus, the candy canes were born!

Gemma: I loved the Messies too! What’s a Christmas craft/decoration you remember making when you were little?

Rebecca: The inspiration for the Messies absolutely came from those glittery, sticky, home made baubles all primary schoolchildren make. I definitely remember making a fair few myself. In primary school we’d also make little Christmas ‘baskets’ (little paper boxes with handles), and letters to Santa.

Gemma: It was great to have your input as assistant-director throughout the week. The show was a triumph! What were your favourite moments?

Rebecca: The show went so well! My favourite moments were Greg freaking out over Santa, the shouty candy canes and Connor’s entrance as the big guy in red himself.

Gemma: Thanks Rebecca!