Saturday7th April 2018

There’s trouble on Mount Olympus when the Gods realise that Prometheus (Arabella) has stolen Fire. Zeus (Connor) is determined to get revenge on the mortals, who seem to be having far too much fun (and trust me, they were!)

So the Gods create Pandora (Manon)– a beautiful wife for the gullible Epimetheus (Harry)A mysterious box accompanies her…

It’s an age old story but we absolutely loved Spiderweb Musical’s witty retelling.

Thanks to our Saturday afternoon class for lots of laughs and learning along the way!

Special mention to Baxter and Hazel P.K for the wonders they worked with a can of gold spray paint. and to Grace for your expert styling and draping. We loved the ancient attire!

Also, it is with much sadness we farewelled our talented friend Lillian who flew off on a new adventure beginning in Adelaide, Australia. Just like her character, the goddess Aphrodite- Lillian captured all our hearts at Standouts during her 4 years of Saturdays with us. We are going to miss you and your lovely mum!!