The Nose That Ran Away From It’s Face

By Joseph Robinette

Friday 13th July 2018

What happens when a nose cuts loose to spite its face?  Inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s absurd short story The Nose, written in 1836- this quirky, comedic adaptation by Joseph Robinette begins when a giant sneeze separates a young boy (Zac) from his pun-loving proboscis (Connor).

We had so much fun with this fabulously madcap story courtesy of Pioneer Drama and we put a  a 1950s spin on it with our soundtrack and costumes.

The big prop/costume we had to make was of course Gospodin Noss (Mr Nose)- and its has to be said this involved much creative thinking (There were no youtube videos of how to make one!)

How to make a giant nose costume that you can walk, sit and dance in!

You will need: 1 old backpack, lots of recycled bubble wrap,  gaffer tape, stretchy flesh tone fabric, needle and strong thread, spray paint or paint for shading details.

How to: 

First, scrunch bubble wrap to make 2 large football sized balls (nostrils) and use a few pieces of tape to hold the shape.

Next roll and scrunch more bubble wrap to make a very big long oval shape- narrower at the top (the bridge of the nose).

Now position the 3 bubble wrap shapes onto the front of the back pack using gaffer tape to contour and secure them in place.  Wrap the tape right around the back pack so they are held firmly in place.

When you are happy with your nose shape, cover the whole thing with stretchy flesh tone lycra, cutting small holes to poke the backpack straps through.

Use a big darning needle and thick thread or wool to sew the edges of the fabric together on the reverse of the backpack.

Finish by using black paint or spray paint to give the nose and nostrils some detail and contour.

Adjust straps to fit you wearing in on your front.

Next challenge: How to make a giant ear!

Thank you to our wonderful cast this week- you guys were sensational…